Enjoy the Silence

written for my wife, read at our wedding

There are things I want to say, only I don't speak a language powerful enough to say them. More disturbing, I doubt the existence of a medium able to express them. Words I once longed to hold meaning, can no longer contain the volumes of meaning I must associate to them. Love, happiness, together, alive, longing, adoration, commitment, respect .. Why does it seem impossible to define these feelings?

I lie in bed, my mind racing to put words together to somehow express the way I feel, and frustrated, I turn to you, and in your eyes .. I see myself, and in that moment .. Something happens in my heart. I feel relieved that you know I love you, that you love me. I feel whole and complete in a way I doubt many people would understand. A wave of calm rushes over me, and all I can do is hold you tight. I am speechless, and we are timeless.

In that moment, I find meaning in existence. Its purpose clear; ensure you and I share these few minutes together. Happy. Truly Alive. Undeniably in Love. Forever in that moment, and eternally onward.

Someday, I'll know what to say. Until then, I'll enjoy the silence.

Created by Brad Lhotsky around January 2006.