Sharp Edges in Soft Focus

Free-form poem about the past and its impact on the present

As the day broke through the window,
It shattered the magic of last night,
Which retreated hastily to the corners of the room.
Night was gone and its jagged edges
Were all that remained.
They cut into us like knives.

Though broken and shattered
Those memories would remain
To fill us with warmth and wonder.
We'd try to recreate that night
Like jigsaw pieces that never fit quite right.

We will learn perhaps tonight,
Perhaps thereafter, to dance
On top of those fragments of nights passed.
Our heels grinding those memories into a fine powder
To float around us, reflecting the glowing light of evening
In a mist of effervescent sparks the whole night long.

For it's not in rebuilding the past that
Transforms it to magic. It is in that
Glow of our past that we transform
Our lives into unending wonder.

Created by Brad Lhotsky around July 2014.